Vision Oncology - Company profile

Dream big, think concretely,
work hard.

Vision is a company of down-to-earth dreamers established in 2022.

We are dreamers because we dream of a world in which cancer kills fewer people than it does today and because we want treatments that can be available to all patients.

We are down-to-earth people because we all have decades of experience in oncology drug discovery. In these long years, we have seen many extraordinary projects and failures. There are scientifically outstanding projects in oncology, but more than 90% of them do not reach patients because their complexity implies great uncertainty, enormous investments, and very long lead times.

We, therefore, thought of developing something very effective but also with development times and investments adequate for today’s challenging world, and we started from the needs of the sick.

Vision Oncology - Company profile

Vision Oncology - Company profile

Company profile

Vision SpA is an Italian joint stock company based in Milano, the Italian beating heart of the Oncology research.

With a net equity of 12,9 mln Euro wholly owned by the Founders, Vision SpA is a financially reliable counterpart for research and development. Its lean organization benefits from the vast offer of CDMOs, clinical research hospitals, and CROs operating in the Milano area.

In 2023, Vision SpA established a research partnership with Politecnico di Torino, one of Europe’s most prominent institutes of technology, and opened a research branch in Turin.

Vision Oncology - Company profile
Vision 2023-2028 convertible bond 4%
In 2023 Vision issued a 2.000.000 convertible bond: learn more.

Dott. Andrea Agazzi – Sole Director
Statutory auditor board:
Prof. Riccardo Passeri – Chairman
Prof. Filippo Dami
Dott. Andrea Gnesi

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